Stuart Kemp and his crew at 915 have been creating and serving delicious food at 915 Duval for several years now, and they have managed to keep their edge.  Having been invited to cook for the James Beard dinner in New York twice now, they may have been tempted to rest on their laurels, but they have resisted.  The food is still interesting, creative and, most importantly, carefully prepared.  Originally all their dishes were small plates, my favorite being (and still may be) the clams and chorizo with rustic grilled bread.  Now they have some slightly larger offerings, some even serving two, such as the Thai whole snapper (another favorite of mine).  The menu hasn’t changed all that dramatically, but every dish is beautifully and consistently executed.  The restaurant is located in an old house reminiscent of a southern manor.  The scene is loud and lively, with a cozy little bar for tasting an excellent assortment of wines selected by Mr. Kemp.  The servers are like a family and seem to genuinely enjoy their work.  And there is great people watching on the quieter end of Duval!

915 Duval Street

Key West, FL  33040


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