Cafe Marquesa

The Marquesa Hotel is one of the prettiest properties on the island.  A true boutique hotel, the scale is comfortable and the interiors are elegant and bright.  Café Marquesa, its beautiful, small dining room, is also one of the best restaurants in town.  Located at the corner of Simonton and Fleming, Café Marquesa will usually be filled with an equal mix of locals and visitors.  Locals like to stop in for a drink at the tiny, four-seat bar for a drink and sometimes dinner (they serve the full menu there).  The dining room is light and cozy, usually filled with loud conversation and laughter.  The service, both at the bar and on the floor, is impeccable and the food creative and perfectly executed.  This is one of my top picks in town.

600 Fleming Street
Key West, FL 33040

Last updated:  September 2011

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