Cassoulet the way it is meant to be!

D’Artagnan, the long-standing purveyor of gourmet meat, game and other culinary products, has a party in the making…cassoulet with all the proper ingredients!  For one price, you get duck confit, duck and armagnac sausage, garlic sausage, duck fat, demi-glace and the very important Tarbais beans that create cassoulet as authentic as any you’ll find in the western region of France where it was conceived.  We recently ordered this all-in-one extravaganza and served about ten people with food to spare.  It had been a tough week…bike wrecks, ailing family, difficult work issues…and we were all ready for some fun!  After a few hours of cooking, the cassoulet was incredible.  We found some rustic wines that needed drinking ( 20o1s and 2003s) and had an absolutely great evening.  Order the cassoulet package immediatly!  You won’t beleive the beans, let alone the sausages and duck!

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