db Bistro Moderne, Miami

Despite having read very favorable reviews of Daniel Boulud’s restaurant in Miami, db Bistro Moderne, I’m always afraid that eventually a fine chef will open one too many restaurants for his or her (or especially, the food’s) own good.   That may happen to Mr. Boulud one day, but it certainly didn’t happen with db Bistro Moderne.  Firstly, the space is simply stunning.  The interiors are sophisticated but also evoke a South Florida, tropical vibe.  The bar is framed with giant louvred panels and anchors the three dining areas, each of which has an airy, clubby feel.  Secondly, the service was outstanding from start to finish.  After settling in with martinis and snacks, we eventually got around to the menu and wine list.  The sommelier appeared almost immediately, recommending some excellent (and surprisingly affordable) wines to match the dinner menu, which was useful since we covered a lot of ground.  We sampled the charcuterie, halibut, rabbit and striped bass, all amazing preparations and all perfectly paired with excellent wine.  This restaurant ranks among the best in Miami and proves that Mr. Boulud has a lot of game left in him! danielnyc.com

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