EZ Cracker for stone crabs

Stone crabs are one of my favorite foods in Key West.  Their sweet, firm meat not only tastes amazingly good, but it also signals that the summer season is over and the weather in Key West is going to be perfect for the next eight months.  The fishmongers in Key West are more than happy to crack their dense armor for you, but I prefer to crack my own.  Don’t even think about those little hand-held crab crackers that work so well on blue crabs.  These guys are tough!  You need serious weaponry.  That is exactly what the EZ Cracker from Webb’s World Industries is.  Serious weaponry.  Actually, the trick to using it is to realize its power.  You simply have to tap it to perfectly crack these otherwise unpenetrable crab shells.  It’s not cheap, but it will last forever. Go to website

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