Garbo’s Grill

I know, food trucks are over-hyped.  However, the thing that made them popular is that they are all about the food.  Garbo’s Grill at 603 Greene Street in Key West is a perfect example of that concept.   Husband and wife team Eli and Kenna are cranking out incredible food from this very small food card every day for lunch and early dinner.  They have about nine things on the menu, all of which are made with fresh ingredients and all of which are amazing!  Even though the jerk chicken, fish tacos and Kogi Korean barbeque are fantantic, i may have to go with the Umami burger as the best of show.  Eli is very proud of this incarnation of the griddle burger, and rightfully so.  It is nothing short of transformative.  Perfectly seasoned, juicey and delicious!  Find this off-the-beaten path spot when you are in Key West

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